Beasts of chaos [rumours]

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Beasts of chaos [rumours]

Mensagem  malibuman em Ter Mar 31, 2009 10:32 pm

From GeneralofChaos over at warseer:

Looks like there just
tweeking pretty much the same list over and over again now. This one
looks like it's going to be wrap. With just a minor twist here or
there, but there a 90% chance this is what your going to see come late
November/ December.

Great Bray Shaman
Doombull [magicial weapons and mutations only]
note- Lords can buy Chaos Armour for 10 pts

Bray Shaman

Beast Herd [rank up 5 wide]
Centigors [fast cav]

Tuskgor Chariots [2-1 choice]
Minotaurs [become core choice with Doombull]
Chaos Ogres
Dragon Ogres

Chaos Giant
Gorgon - [stat line: M8 WS5 S5 T5 W5 I3 5A]

rule change: If your General decides not to ambush, your general can
have the chance for Beast Herd units to scout. [roll a D6]
1-2: Beast Herds are drunk and do not Scout
3-4: 1 unit of Beast Herds can Scout
5-6: 2 units of Beast Herds can Scout

New models: Bestigors, Mino's, Dragon Ogre, Shamans, Beastlord/Wargor & Gorgon.

can take 100 pts of magic items & 100 points of Chaos
Mutations/Gifts. Hero's can take up to 50 points of magical items and
50 points of Chaos Mutations/Gifts.

Some interesting new items or Chaos Mutations/Gifts: [Mutations/Gifts can only be taken once]

* banner that turns Bestigors into Raider's like Beast Herds *
* breath gift * [breaths fire 25 pts]
* extra Two Arm Mutation * [adds +2 attacks to profile 50 pts]
* extra Horn * [adds a extra attack on the charge 20 pts]
* Hoof of Speed [double M5 model 30 pts]
* Stone Skin * [+2 to your armour save 25 pts]
* Staff of Darkoth is a bound item *
* Troll Hide * [50 pts for Regeneration]
* Unholy Beast Strength [+1S for 25 pts]
* Bloodstone Braystaff* [Arcane item that gives a +1LD to Shamans and +2 MR for 50 pts]

Lores: Beasts of Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch are getting there own
new lores. Very close to the WoC new lores with minor change to the
lists. For Tzeentch player's I was told boon of Tzeentch is in there.

thoughts from play tester's are: That a Doombull with Chaos Mutations
can rival a Vampire Lord as a combat character now. Plus Chaos Armour
& Stone Skin give him nice protection at 2+ armour save. He expects
Doombull to be the most popular Lord choice!

Also by turning the
Centigors into Fast Cav there no need to add flyers into a Beast of
Chaos army. Between this move and the new Gorgon & Chaos Mutations,
BoC should be able to compete very well in 7th edition.

I was
told that they feel this list will pretty much go to print. That
Games-Workshop and play testers are all happy with the end results so
far. Will post more information as I get it. As I asked for the new
lores so I can play test with my friends myself.

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Re: Beasts of chaos [rumours]

Mensagem  j_dornelas em Qua Abr 01, 2009 9:21 pm

ja era hora de sair qualquer coisa das bestas

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