Grey Knights rumor roundup

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Grey Knights rumor roundup

Mensagem  malibuman em Qui Maio 20, 2010 6:03 am

With the WH/DH rumor discussion approaching 80 pages and going strong, I figured I'd post a separate summary of relevant rumors, specifically regarding Grey Knights. Note that this is supposed to be a rough summary. I'm not quoting everything word for word, and I've condensed a lot of the rumors into a quick and easy list of things that may show up in the codex.

First off, because some people still seem to be obsessed with the idea of a combined Inquisition codex;

- Grey Knights and Sisters will be in a seperate codex.

This is from pretty much every single reliable source, and even from people such as Jervis. In fact, not too long ago I recall hearing that JJ said that a "combined inquisition codex is pure fanwank".

There may be a later, separate Inquisition codex or expansion covering all three Ordos. But that is not here, not yet.

As to when it will come out, no one seems to know. However, from recent comments by Harry, it looks like very late 2010, or early 2011. Can't get more precise than that, and no clue how it relates to the DE release.

With that out of the way, here's a summary (not verbatim. These are my words, here.):

From Beerfart on Dakka Dakka, 5/19

- Allies are gone, as are Mystics in general

-Stormtroopers brought in line with IG

-Assassins can't be taken in GK armies (sounded like they are still in the codex, though, implying that you can take pure Inquisition armies if you really want to).

- Inquisitors still have poor stats, but get a huge boost to their psychic powers

- Shrouding is now like Nightfight (2d6x3, rather than 3d6x3)

-Nemesis Force Weapons still Str 6, but now have Rending.

-All Grey Knights get to use their Storm Bolters as second CCWs (including Terminators)

-Grand Master Force Weapon ignores Daemon's Eternal Warrior (Stern's just flat out ignores any Eternal Warrior)

- Terminators still have Power Weapons, and can replace Storm Bolters with Storm Shield (3+ ones) for 5pts, and/or replace NFWs with Thunder Hammers. Are Elite, and can be taken as HQ retinue.

- Storm Ravens Heavy Support. There may be a way to give them scout, possibly.

-Dreadnoughts Elite only, and have two levels of Librarian upgrade

-No Rhino/Razorback or the like for GKs. On the other hand, Land Raiders are dedicated transport only, just like Blood Angels.

-Fast Attack Jump Pack Grey Knights, with Heroic Intervention

-Stern is a beast, similar to Mephiston (e.g. crazy stats, but no IC status).

- Holocaust is character only, no longer on Terminator Squads

-Sargent equivalents can buy upgrade Psychic Powers

-Descent of Angels-style rule for Deepstriking Grey Knights

-psycannons assault weapons, otherwise psycannon/incinerators unchanged, but are significantly cheaper due to losing NFW during the upgrade

-purgation squads will have 5 different weapons to choose from

Sticky Monkey

-lots of psycannon vehicle upgrades

-GK Jetbikes possible

- Landspeeder variant possible, though Stickymonkey seemed unsure if this made it to the final design stages

-GK Chaplain


-Artificer Armor instead of Power Armor is possible

Harry has mostly talked about when they're coming up, as has DPA.

Uther on GK forums

-Drop Pods (probably for Dreadnoughts) are in, with some sort of special variant

-Stern is dead in the fluff

-NFWs can Insta-kill Daemons (corresponds with Beerfart's rumors)

-GKs have some sort of Apothecary, but may be a special Character

Lastly, I'll link to MadCowCrazy's roundup, which is very detailed and has pretty much all the specific rumors and comments as they've come out posted:

Taken from BOLS - original post by DarkLink


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Re: Grey Knights rumor roundup

Mensagem  hellboy em Qui Maio 20, 2010 8:13 am

nao me acredito em varias coisas que aí estao!

razorbacks - nao me acredito
nem em rhinos

nao em acredito em jump packs muito menos em jetbikes!

de resto até posso comer os outros rumores!

GK serao sempre para andar a pé ou ser teleportados - é fluff !

a ver vamos!

assasinos estao fora?

nao podemos nos aliar a outros exercitos?

é como digo ... muita contradição do fluff !!!
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