tha Tyranids

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tha Tyranids

Mensagem  malibuman em Sab Out 10, 2009 7:13 pm

Now that the bugs are confirmed for Jan 2010 here is a collection of rumors from The Dude over on warseer:

Army-wide Special Rules and Biomorphs

Many and new improved psychic abilities in the book.

Special Character or "Alpha" species may make an appearance.

The Incoming Tyranids article on the GW website makes mention of new Tyranid Species. The Trygon is likely one, but there may be more (possibly up to 4 total).

May possibly get a buff to anti-tank abilities.


Hive Tyrant – No news yet

Tyrant Guard – No news yet

Broodlord – Early rumours of the Broodlord allowing Elite Genestealers as Troops.


Tyranid Warriors - More emphasis on Tyranid Warriors in this book, perhaps even allowing you to take them in every FOC slot. For example if they have wings then they're Fast Attack, Tougher/Stronger and heavy weapons in Heavy Support etc.

Lictor – Possibly an additional “psychic" variant


Genestealers – No news yet

Gaunts – No news yet

Ripper Swarm – No news yet

Fast Attack

Gargoyles – No news yet

Raveners – No news yet

Spore Mines – No news yet

Heavy Support

Carnifex – No news yet

Biovore – Rumoured new type believed to have a Pyro Acid spray weapon.

Zoanthrope – No news yet

Trygon - Different builds available, presumably with different powers ala Carnifex kit. Possibly allows Raveners to Deep Strike through the same tunnel as it without rolliong for Reserves and then Assault afterwards.


"And remember kids, if it’s not For the Emperor, then it’s For the Horde." - A D-B

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++noticias !

Mensagem  madwolf em Qui Out 29, 2009 3:48 am

Sendo um jogador nid é claro k ando atento ao k se passa na net sobre as novidades que ai veem.
Eis o que encontrei em alguns forums....

As supostas caracteristicas deste novo nid:

As far as base stat-line goes I would say it's something close to this:
WS 4
BS 3
S 4
T 4
A 2+2, 2 or 3
I 4
W 2
Ld 10
Sv 2+/6+

And abilities will be something like this:
Feeder Tendrils, Toxic Miasma or a new type of Miasma (possibly affecting I),
Three psychic powers with one being Warp Field by default Warp Tuning Fork,
Two or four Lash Wipes that stack and Poison, Instant death or both.


"Um homem que ousa desperdiçar uma hora ainda não descobriu o valor da vida."
Charles Darwin
O gato já não come ha um mes
O gato já não come ha um mes

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Re: tha Tyranids

Mensagem  Madness em Qua Dez 09, 2009 11:29 pm

Bem para quem quiser ver praticamente os ultimos rumors(daqui a 2 semanas ja deve andar o codex completo pela net), tem aqui um resumo onde 90% é confirmado, e prontos quem quiser ir pro natal com ideias de compras novas ou ismplesmente preparar os discursos de abusado etc. tem-los aqui:


PLEASE NOTE that most of this stuff are rumors heard here and there
Any new stuff will be highlighted like this for couple of days to allow easier rumour search.

CODEX COVER (from GW's site) (from Warseer, bigger shot)
cover art breakdown - page21 by Eidre

GENERAL INFO: 4 new species
Hive Guard
Trygon (by Scryer in the Darkness, Warseer)

Codex will have 96 pages
Codex written by Robin Cruddace (author of Guard dex)
Return of special characters (but they're like not meant to be special - they're just survivors of a big war and then mutated) (Phill Kelly @GD Germ)

New Battleforce, £60
3 Warriors
3 Ripper Swarms
8 Genestealers
16 Gaunts
16 Hormagaunts
Pic of box' back (DragonPup, WarSeer)

Hive Fleets painting scheme got re-touch - all weapons got different colour
Leviathan - red weapons
Kraken - green weapons
Behemoth - black weapons

3 new plastic kits and 3 new metal kits (GW site)
No re-done plastic kits (Lotoc_Sabbath, WarSeer)

New background for Tyranid kits

Tyranid future releases (Scryer in the Darkness, WarSeer)
Hiveguard (1 model)<metal blister> £12.00 / US$20.00 / C$24.00 / 17,50€ / Oz$33.00
Venomthrope (1 model)<metal blister> £12.00 / US$20.00 / C$24.00 / 17,50€ / Oz$33.00
Pyrovore (1 model)<metal box> £20.00 / US$33.00 / C$39.50 / 26,00€ / Oz$55.00
Spore mines (10 models)<metal blister> £10.00 / US$16.50 / C$19.75 / 13,00€ / Oz$28.00
Raveners (3 models)<plastic box> £27.00 / US$44.50 / C$53.50 / 35,00€ / Oz$74.00
Battleforce (46 plastic models)<plastic box> £60.00 / US$105.00 / C$130.00 / 85,00€ / Oz$165.00
Gargoyles (10 plastic models)<plastic box> £18.00 / US$29.00 / C$34.75 / 22,75€ / Oz$48.00
Trygon (1 plastic model)<plastic box> £30.00 / US$49.50 / C$59.50 / 39,00€ / Oz$83.00
Hormogaunts (12 plastic models)<plastic box> £15.00 / US$24.75 / C$29.75 / 19,50€ / Oz$41.00
Termagants (12 plastic models)<plastic box> £15.00 / US$24.75 / C$29.75 / 19,50€ / Oz$41.00

Hive Tyrant will not get a new model (Allesio at GD Italy)
Tyrants definitely have expanded psychic powers.
+A +I, 5+ invul save default
Regen upgrade option as Fex (points expensive) (Stickmonkey, Warseer)

gain Furious Charge and Rage if the Hive Tyrant they are guarding is killed (Bregalad, Warseer)

HQ choice
Made using Warriors and Raveners kits

Fixing to their deployment rules (Alession at GD Italy)
Deployment like IG's Marbo but into area terrain only, no scatter, and may assault same turn w difficult terrain test (Stickmonkey, Warseer)
No more 0-1 restriction, 3 per FOC slot, 3 wounds (BramGaunt, WarSeer)
Point cost lowered (Scryer, Warseer)

No more 0-1 choice (BramGaunt, WarSeer)
Moved to Elites
Zoanthrope will come with 2 different blasts. One against infantry and one against vehicles. Same range as the old warpblast, but way more powerfull (Hydra)

Poisoned attack 2+, grants 5+ cover save to models within 6" (BramGaunt, WarSeer)

Impaler Cannon - weapon that does not require LOS (BramGaunt, WarSeer), 2 shots at Strength 8 Ap ?
BS 4

Similar statline to Tyrant Guard,
"Flamer weapon" Poisoned 2+, AP3, template

Hormogaunt for 5pts, option of WoN for +3
+1 Initiative, Ld6 (BramGaunt, WarSeer)

Gaunts with no weapons but with WoN for 3pts (Xas, BOLS lounge)
Fleshborers at 1pt (King Elessar, BOLS lounge)
Gaunt boxes repacked into Termagants or Hormogaunts (King Elessar)

Stealers staying as Troops
Point dropp (BramGaunt, WarSeer)

Broodlord does more to stealers than just FOC change options (Stickmonkey, Warseer)
Broodlord moved to Troops (most likely as upgrade character)
No more 0-1 restriction

Warriors moved to Troops
Alpha version for HQ (Hydra)
3 Wounds, 4+ Save (Scryer, Warseer)

No solid rumours yet


Raveners will be able to Deep Strike through the tunnels of Trygon, and I'm 95% they'll be able to Assault the same turn. Possibly not needing to roll for Reserves either (King Elessar)
3 Ravs in a box(Brimstone)

10 Gargs in a box, flying bases (rumours by Brimstone and Harry, Warseer)
Poisoned attack - each 6 to hit causes wound, normal save applies (BramGaunt, WarSeer)
Reduced point cost (Scryer, Warseer)


Size comp:

Sprue pics:

Trygon/Mawloc kit is compatible with Carnifex kit.
Trygon/Mawloc data sheets for Apocalypse in WD February

Raveners will be able to enter behind a Trygon and assault the same turn. Although the Trygon itself will not be able to assault, is subject to deepstrike-like scatter, and supposedly with a different mishap table. Or they may deepstrike on their own, like the Trygon...i.e. with modified mishap table. Supposedly off table scatter for either unit results in a return to reserves... (Stickmonkey, WarSeer)
Possibility of Alpha Trygon providing Synapse.(Bregaland, WarSeer)

Shock troop, can fall back, can borrow/disappear during movement phase just to shock back next round. If Mawloc base shocking in contact with enemy base, place 5" template above and everyone in contact with it will get S6 AP2 hit.(Bregaland, WarSeer)
"Swallowing" option

2 entries based on Trygon and Carnifex kits

"The new book will let players field even more Carnifexes than before" (Allessio at GD Italy)
Fex "nerf" will "make sense", is not related to Nid-zilla. players will still want to have many fexes (Stickmonkey, WarSeer)
Broods of up to 3, WS4 BS3, +1Attack (BramGaunt, WarSeer)

Codex entry:
New Biovore model (Phill Kelly @GD Germ)
Sold in pack of 9

WS9, I7, Rending on a 5+ (BramGaunt, WarSeer)

In the codex, no rumours yet

NOT in the codex but mentioned in the fluff

Improved anti tank possibilities (Phill Kelly)
Flesh hooks as standard (to be know on what sized models)
Template type weapon
Lash whip can "target" a model in unit in CC (must mean other changes to LW) )
Crushing Claws = dreadnaught CCW + new nid ability (Stickmonkey, WarSeer)
We'll get some sort of instant killing, no more news regardles (Stickmonkey, WarSeer)
New weapons symbiots (BramGaunt, WarSeer)
Every codex entry will get a new artwork (Bregaland, WarSeer)
Army pic:
3 codex pages:

The Tyranids, will be either a wannabe Hive fleet spearhead army, bringing enormous numbers, higher than IG, of weaker basic troops supported by some very specialised units - guess lictors and this kind of stuff or a full scale assault force, consisting of less, but more survivble units, he thinks Warriors as troops, bringing on heavier/more deadlier weapons...
(from Lord Hjamlar on Warseer)

* - take with a pinch of salt
Kudos to Terrorfex, King Elessar, Hive Node, Brimstone, Moloch, Void Lord for deep Trygon analysis, Lord Hjamlar, Dark Primus(WS), Hellbreaker, KrewL RaiN, the One(40konline), Xas (BOLS lounge), Eidre for coverbreakdown, Scryer in the Darkness (WarSeer), Lotoc_Sabbath (WarSeer), Lorizael (40k online), The Dude (WarSeer), Stickmonkey (WarSeer), Carnassire (WarSeer and all who I forgot.



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Re: tha Tyranids

Mensagem  madwolf em Qui Dez 10, 2009 2:48 am

Madness não te conheço e já estás no topo da minha lista !!!
king Tanta coisa linda k está pra vir ! drunken Vê-se mesmo que o natal está á porta ! santa
Quero quero quero ! lol!


"Um homem que ousa desperdiçar uma hora ainda não descobriu o valor da vida."
Charles Darwin
O gato já não come ha um mes
O gato já não come ha um mes

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Re: tha Tyranids

Mensagem  hellboy em Sex Dez 11, 2009 6:21 pm

madwolf escreveu:Madness não te conheço e já estás no topo da minha lista !!!

ah tiago .... ESTE GAY é o pedro ... GAY porque no evento EPIC nao parou de tocar a guitarra lembras-te????? Mad Mad affraid

ESTE GAY porque toda a tarde teve a RODER os meus ouvidos com aqueles toques de guitarra DESAFINADOS !!! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

este já o conheçes a bués !!! ehehhehehe........... bounce
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Não tenho vida

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Re: tha Tyranids

Mensagem  Netstalker em Sex Dez 11, 2009 8:28 pm

Porreiro os meus bixinhos fofinhos vão ficar ainda mais fõfinhos Very Happy .
E finalmente vou poder usar o meu trygonzinho fofinho Very Happy:D:D:D:D vai ser tão bonito jogar com um exercito tãoooo fofinho Very Happy.

É melhor ir tomar banho
É melhor ir tomar banho

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Re: tha Tyranids

Mensagem  Ebizo em Sex Dez 11, 2009 10:55 pm

Ei ao Pascoa até foi fixe ter tido um koto de som, graças ao Pedro..não foi assim tão mau.. cheers
O gato já não come ha um mes
O gato já não come ha um mes

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Re: tha Tyranids

Mensagem  Conteúdo patrocinado

Conteúdo patrocinado

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